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Steve McCurry

Recently I stumbled upon the picture of Steve McCurry. He was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia. And the first photographer who brought pictures from the Afghanistan conflict to the Western world, just as the Russian Invasion was closing the country to all western journalists.

I’ve known one of his most famous portrait for a while now but never knew who the photographer was. The “Afghan Girl” which was taken in 1984 during the Russian occupation, shows what Steve McCurry is known for. All of his documentary photography seems  very intimate and creates a connection between his subjects and us.

He has won many awards. Read more about him on his website.






Roman Polanski for Prada

Last year Roman Polanski did a video for Prada. Starring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley.

Probably not a short movie that animal activists will like as the therapist is clearly blown away by the purple fur. The colour doesn’t really appeal to me. But have you seen her sunglasses in the beginning? Lovely.


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Last Warm Days

The last warm weekend. Day became night and night was day. Everything is a bit blurry, but filled with laughter. Strolling through the streets of Berlin. Ending up drinking whiskey with my father and two amazing people at his kitchen table. Just to go back to another bar.

Thanks Skye for those amazing pictures you took.